Robo translation from Spanish is:

  1. theft, burglary
  2. stolen thing
  3. fraud
  4. jur. robbery

RoboForex - robbery on FOREX.

Looks like a strange name for a financial company, what do you think???

However, if we study the history and origins of RoboForex, as well as cases of outright fraud actions against unsuspecting traders, everything becomes clear.

We, the authors of this blog, are traders who as well as many other clients lost our money as a result of fraudulent scheme that is being used by RoboForex to steal client’s funds.

We do not want and can’t remain silent any longer and we do not want to observe how these thieves continue to steal money from other clients!

The 5 purposes of this blog we have set:

  1. To warn traders worldwide of the dangers of the company RoboForex
  2. To dispel the cloud of myths about "honest broker RoboForex»
  3. Break through paid by RoboForex PR team barricade of positive feedbacks from "real satisfied customers" singing sweet ode for RoboForex. To show real reviews of victims. The real reviews are often cut by some moderators of some forums because RoboForex pays to hide these bad feedbacks! Yes, that's what we want to say - RoboForex pays to some forex forums just for the fact that the negative reviews must not be published! Not all forums go for it, but many of them received a similar offer, and some have agreed to cooperate with RoboForex. For this issue, we will publish a separate article about our investigation and the results with a list of such involved in this crime forums here.
  4. To create an objective platform for honest discussion about RoboForex fraudulent activities and ways to combat them.
  5. To collect information and to make analysis of RoboForex to promptly inform traders about any further financial risks associated with the placement of deposits in RoboForex.